Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted

Beau came with me tonight to see how voting works. When we left he said it didn't look very hard, so why do you have to be 18?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

After 3 helpings of a new corn recipe she had to make sure she got every last bit. Her brother on the other hand wouldn't touch it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello Monday, I don't know how you always get here so quickly but here you are again.  We spent Saturday morning at Sekapp Orchard getting pumpkins and apples.  We usually go to Northwoods Orchard, but they didn't have many apples this year due to frost and hail so we tried someplace new.  Now the OCD in me was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able to get the kids pictures in front of the same growth chart, BUT Sekapp's had a growth chart too and I've meditated on my "it is ok" mantra.

 Anyhoo...Sekapp's actually turned out to be really great.  We had to be taken by wagon out to the pick your own apples which was fun since it was more like you were secluded in your own little apple orchard.  They had corn and straw mazes that were the perfect size for the kids, plenty of pumpkins and (bonus) mums!
The kids' favorite part was being able to taste test all the apple varieties straight off the trees.  Luke's fav was the Honeycrisp, while the rest of us liked the very sweet Fireside.

My little perfectionist searching for the perfect apple. 

 Pinterest Trial
I decided to start posting some of my pinterest trials on here.  I've recently been on a muffin kick, strange for me since my muffins are usually the Betty Crocker variety.  I'm never been a big bread baker either, I always get frustrated because I can't seem to get it to cook evenly.  The edges always seemed overdone while the middle was mushy.  Well, then one day I was talking to my incredibly ingenious sister who told me she made one of our pumpkin cake recipes in a muffin tin.  (She doesn't put the frosting on so she can call them a muffin and eat them for breakfast....since one of the two main ingredients is cake mix the jury is still out on whether this counts ;)  Anyway, as she was telling me about her cupcakes, er I mean "muffins" I had an aha moment and wondered why I don't turn more things into muffins.  So the overripe bananas that had been patiently waiting in my freezer quickly turned into banana muffins.  No burnt edges, no mushy centers (and only 20 min to bake!).  Que the muffin kick, which leads us to this weekends Pinterest attempt.  Beau helped me make these apple muffins.  I was skeptical since there was no butter in the recipe (I'm not a big baker but isn't here usually butter included on the ingredient list?).  Well I guess the amount of oil must make up for it,  and even though we didn't have quite enough sugar they still turned out great!  The brown sugar topping makes me feel like they are more of a dessert vs. a muffin you'd serve for breakfast (at least as a nutritious daycare meal...I have no problem scarfing them down for "breakfast"), but overall they were really quick and easy to throw together, tasted great, and I'd make them again.

And if anybody has any good bread/muffin recipes send them our way way!

Friday, September 14, 2012

"hey guys there's a new iPhone out"
"yeah! This one mom?!"

Yep I'm pretty sure they used that same design Cora!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dirty Feet

She's not wearing her flip flops....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Me Bag

Beau came home from the first day of preschool with homework.  They decorated a "me bag"and over the weekend we had to find 3 things that would tell his class more about him.  His items included:
1.  A family photo with ultrasound picture attached to the back
2.  A Lego truck he made
3.  A fork....yes a fork.  Those of you that know him should not be surprised that he wanted to bring a fork.  Why you may ask...because he "loves to eat" of course.  I can't wait to see what his teacher thinks of that, he'll probably be flagged for an eating disorder, but I really couldn't argue.  They said they wanted to know him better and anyone whose been around him for more than about 5 min knows he wants to eat ALL the time.  (He really is a healthy weight, I promise!)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Off To School!

I don't think there has been another year that I've been SO ready for fall, I'm welcoming these cooler temps with open arms!  Today was Beau's first day of preschool, and my first day transporting all the kiddos with this year's new schedule.  Beau woke up this morning ready to go, and by woke up I mean he was upstairs at 6am, fully dressed, teeth brushed, and bed made (school doesn't start until noon).  He was REALLY set on wearing shorts so he could see his new shoes.  Eventually I convinced him we had to switch to jeans, although he had to wear his new shoes all morning.  "Please mom, I haven't worn them outside!"  Sure I won the jean battle, wear your shoes.
Drop off was a little chaotic, I have to take all the daycare kids with, so at meet the teacher night his teacher said if I pulled up out front they would have a staff member come out and get Beau and another little guy from daycare, since there isn't a lot of room inside for me to truck all the extra kiddos in with.  When I got there nobody was coming out to get them and there were mom's everywhere bringing their kids for the first day.  It was impossible to figure out who was staff vs. a mom to flag down.  I eventually got him in the door, but, I couldn't get home fast enough so I could call and make sure they made it to the right place.  Pick up went a little better, they were the last ones in there and finally one of the staff members realized that they must belong to the lady standing in the parking lot waving like a crazy person (either that or she's a creepy preschool stalker... I kind of felt like a creepy stalker as I watched all the other parents go in and come back out with their kids).
I was happy when he came out all smiles and actually had stories to tell!  My favorite went something like this:
"There was a man and we had to tell him the letter when he pointed to it"
"Did you know them all?"
"Yeah, we did it with numbers too and he asked me how high I could count.  I told him higher than 100."
"Did he believe you, or did you have to show him?"
"I had to show him.  I counted to 112 and he told me to stop, I think he was getting sick of it.  Maybe I shoulda just showed him how to do it by tens."
He was also ecstatic when he found out that they had snack at school and he still got to go home and have snack with the daycare kids!  He got in the car and the first thing he asked the kids was "what did you guys have for snack?"  I told him we hadn't had snack yet and he goes "I get to eat snack again?!"  Anyone who knows Beau can picture the pure giddiness on his face.  It was multiplied when he got home and found out that I'd made cookies while he was gone (I mean you have to do milk and cookies for the first day, right!).

I'm thinking it will be a good year.  School days are definitely going to be chaotic, especially until we get a routine down.  Having the kids eat and still have the boys to preschool by noon will be a challenge, but at least after today I know it will be doable!  I think I may have underestimated the challenge that a bigger belly adds to getting everyone buckled in in a timely manner though.  It's not quite as easy to do my acrobatics over the seat to get everyone in their car seats, and it will probably be down right comical come December!

This last one captures Beau so perfectly!